Restaurant Logo Concept

Another PPH job, this time for a restaurant named Opium, There are some concepts i put together to send off with the proposal. i haven’t heard back from the client as yet, but fingers crossed. Personally, if the client does want to go forward i think i will offer a change in font as I’m not 100% on the one i’ve chosen.


Greenfield Prestige Web Design

Last week i was asked by Greenfield creations to mock up a few concepts for the upcoming Greenfield Prestige web site  to be developed by These mock ups are intended to give the developer a solid idea as to where Greenfields whats to go with the sites overall style.

Anyway, heres what i came up with. Feedback from the client was good, so i’m looking forward to seeing how the site comes together as its going to be chocked full of great features.





20ft container

Just a quick post this time, continuing on from yesterdays about shipping containers. Iv had some time free this morning so also drew up/modelled a 20ft iso container. This will give me the option to use both 20’s and 40’s in my future designs.


Greenfield Prestige – New Range

So, as mentioned in the last post, Greenfield Prestige commissioned extensive advertisement and campaign materials after the completion of the companies new logo and branding. But be for i continue, i think i should explain what Greenfield Prestige actually does. I mentioned in the last post that the parent company ( designs and manufactures cardboard coffins, but what i didm’t say was that there new product line is of such a high quality that its pretty difficult to tell the difference between it (a cardboard product) and the real thing. Now,  I’m pretty sure i know what your thinking, honestly having visited the factory and seeing the finished article, they are fantastic.

The brief for the show and advertisement materials was reasonably simple, using the new logo and colour scheme design materials that portray the new companies existing history (Greenfield Creations) but also create a standalone line that depicts the development and quality of the new product.

First off on this list was a 4 meter wide by 2.2 meter tall poster stand, along with a podium wrap. This was/is for use at trade shows etc.

Podium wrap
4m Banner
4meter Banner

As you can see the lower half of the banner’s main are has been left pretty much empty. The reasoning behind this should be made clear from the following photos.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Next up came an A4 leaflet, these were placed in every bag handed out at the National Funeral Exhibition, that somewhere in the region of 6000 printed just for the show. The plane was to spot UV the coffins, giving them an extra shine and helping them stand out even more, but unfortunately time was against the project and this did not get to be realised. instead they were printed on a semi gloss heavy weight paper. As you’ll see below, I’ve uploaded the two options that were put together for the client. One contains on 3D visuals, while the other is made up of photos from a shoot. We went with the photo shoot option.

A4 Flyer Visuals
3D Visualisations
A4 Flyer REAL
Real Photographs

Following the success at the national Funeral Exhibition Greenfield Prestige has been keeping clockworklime pretty busy, with advertising campaigns and other branding related commissions. All of which i will endeavour to post once they have been sent to print.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep an eye on the site for new content.