Party Wall Surveying

Are your or your neighbour carrying out building works? There is a good chance that you or your neighbour will have responsibilities under the  Party Wall etc Act 1996.   What is a party wall? The main types of party walls are: a wall that stands on the lands of 2 (or more) owners and…

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3-Dimensional Scanning

Using some of the most cutting edge technology, CWL can provide 3D laser scans of almost anything, from building interiors, too full sites. Delivered as, highly accurate drawings, 3D point cloud or 3D model, laser scanning data provides some of the highest measured accuracy currently possible. What is Laser Scanning & 3D Surveying? ‘Laser Scanning’…

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Measured Surveys

Need an accurate survey you can rely on? CWL can provide highly accurate building and land surveys using traditional and state of the art techniques, ensuring you have data that can be depended upon. To see details of just some of the equipment we use, please see our EXTRAS page ‘OUR TOOLS’

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360 Photography

Need to showcase an existing project? Or provide an interactive experience for a new scheme? Using 360 photography and CGI, CWL can provide immersive virtual reality imagery at a surprisingly reasonable price point. Click the image below for a 360 sample

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