Architectural Rendering

Please find below an example of a ‘Hero’ render


The model is loosely based off of the Stradthaus building in Hackney.

For those interested, the Stradhaus is the tallest timber building in the UK (as of 2015).

Here is how it was done, first a simple model of the building is generated.

Apart from the ground each floor, all the remaining floors are modeled identically and simply rotated to provide the desired layout.

SH ol

From here basic colours/textures are applied t the model.

SH Colours

Now the sketch up model is rendered (in indigo RT, Vray or Twilight).


As you can see, the rendered model is not particularly impressive at this point.

Editing the image into something useful takes by far the longest amount of time.


If you would like a break down of any particular techniques or a run through of what image editing software has been used, please leave a comment below or contact us here.

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