Below you will find links to examples of a residential survey.

Survey Intentions:

  • Accurate measured survey of existing property
  • Ascertain levels.

cwl-925-01-c-ex-11a – Ground GA, including Scan Survey Data.

cwl-925-01-c-ex-09a – Roof Plan

cwl-925-01-c-ex-08b – Elevations

cwl-925-01-c-ex-07b – Sections

cwl-925-01-c-ex-06b – Sections

cwl-925-01-c-ex-05a – First, Second & Third GAs

cwl-925-01-c-ex-04b – Scan Survey Elevation

cwl-925-01-c-ex-03c – Scan Survey Sections

cwl-925-01-c-ex-02c – Scan Survey Sections

cwl-925-01-c-ex-01b – Scan Survey GAs