Below you will find links to examples of a residential survey.

Survey Intentions:

  • Accurate measured survey of existing property
  • Ascertain levels.

905-1-Drawing Reg – Drawing Register

905-1-EX-EX01A – 3D Scan Data Export (Plan Sections)

905-1-EX-EX02A – 3D Scan Data Export (Cross Sections)

905-1-EX-EX03A – Mapping

905-1-EX-EX04A – Mapping

905-1-EX-EX05A – Ground Floor Plan

905-1-EX-EX06A – First Floor Plan

905-1-EX-EX07A – Front Elevations

905-1-EX-EX08A – Rear Elevations

905-1-EX-EX09A – Section A

905-1-EX-EX010A– Section B

905-1-EX-EX011A – Site Section/Levels

905-1-EX-EX012A – Site Plan/Tree Locations