Heres a small commission for a magazine called C21, which is all about “Understanding & Coping with Cancer in the 21st Century”.

The brief was to create a simple magazine stand from limited art work. The time frame for this was, lets say, ‘limited’ i was given the brief  and had to have it completed by the next morning, including an ‘un-rendered’ video.

As far as i understand it, the plan for these stands is/was to have them in every Morrisons in the UK.

Heres what i came up with.

Click to enlarge

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Towards the end of last year i took on what started as a small commission to visualise a few potential packaging options and display units for Babyglow. For those of you who haven’t heard of Babyglow, the brand was featured on the BBC’s apprentice a few seasons ago and produces heat sensitive/colour changing baby clothing.

At first i was asked to produce some basic visualisations. These included a gift box/carton, a character standee, a cieling drop sign and a CDU.

Below is an idea of what was produced. Since then i have been asked to take on more and more for Babyglow, keep an eye on the site for more updates!




And heres a short video of the concepts

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