Public Space Sketches

A quick set of sketches for the revitalisation of some local public space.

Increasing the viability/sustainability of a much loved local resource with some additional covered (both permanent and temporary) external space.

This development along with three new sites, a selection of small works and ongoing projects means January (and 2019) is set to be a busy one.


Restaurant Logo Concept

Another PPH job, this time for a restaurant named Opium, There are some concepts i put together to send off with the proposal. i haven’t heard back from the client as yet, but fingers crossed. Personally, if the client does want to go forward i think i will offer a change in font as I’m not 100% on the one i’ve chosen.


Greenfield Prestige Web Design

Last week i was asked by Greenfield creations to mock up a few concepts for the upcoming Greenfield Prestige web site  to be developed by These mock ups are intended to give the developer a solid idea as to where Greenfields whats to go with the sites overall style.

Anyway, heres what i came up with. Feedback from the client was good, so i’m looking forward to seeing how the site comes together as its going to be chocked full of great features.





Technical Drawing & Renders

For quite sometime iv been interested in the concept of reusing shipping containers as a construction material. Now im not going to try and claim any originality as there has been a lot of development over the years, but still, i’m going to have a little explore.

My main inspiration for starting this little side project is the ‘pop up mall’ BOXPARK in Shoreditch, it a great use of containers and space, generating a completely original concept. Haver a google, theres some great images and info out there all about it.

Well to start with I’ve spent quite a bit of time not only looking through existing projects and development. but also getting to the basics of it all by sitting down and researching as much information about the construction.manufacture and use of shipping containers. Now, don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t fun, it was extremely dry, but i didn’t want to jump in and start cutting up containers (virtually) without understanding their construction and the possible consequences.

Once i felt that i had a reasonable understanding i decided to get started and find an accurate model of a iso shipping container, but surprise surprise, non were really up to the standard i was looking for. So i set about finding the construction/manufacturing details for a standardised container.

and heres what I’ve come up with:

Container Line

40ft exploded

Container render

Now on to the fun part, actually creating something with it.

Greenfield Prestige


About two months ago i was approached by a company that i work with on a regular basis to rebrand their new product line and off shot company. Of course i jumped at the chance! The company is and along with being an excellent box/packaging manufacturer, they specialise in cardboard coffins. In fact they are award winning and have examples showing in places like the science museum, London.

The starting brief was to generate a new colour scheme and logo based around the existing company. The new ‘Greenfield Prestige’ had to be a clear derivative from its parent company, but also obviously something different and a little more ‘upmarket’. With this logo as with any other, it needed to be kept relatively simple to allow for reproduction on stationary and the like later on down the line.

So, as you’ll be able to see from the examples below, theire were many ideas put forward after are initial meeting, but all based around the same key elements.

Logo Concepts
Click to enlarge
Lgo Concepts2
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Logo Concepts 3
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From these concepts, the client picked out the options they preferred and the final logo options were generated.

final concepts
Click to enlarge

Since the completion of the logo, i have been commissioned to produce extensive advertisements, campaign and show materials. All of which will feature in the next post.

Thanks for reading, and keep checking back for newly added content.


Heres a small commission for a magazine called C21, which is all about “Understanding & Coping with Cancer in the 21st Century”.

The brief was to create a simple magazine stand from limited art work. The time frame for this was, lets say, ‘limited’ i was given the brief  and had to have it completed by the next morning, including an ‘un-rendered’ video.

As far as i understand it, the plan for these stands is/was to have them in every Morrisons in the UK.

Heres what i came up with.

Click to enlarge

play tx



Towards the end of last year i took on what started as a small commission to visualise a few potential packaging options and display units for Babyglow. For those of you who haven’t heard of Babyglow, the brand was featured on the BBC’s apprentice a few seasons ago and produces heat sensitive/colour changing baby clothing.

At first i was asked to produce some basic visualisations. These included a gift box/carton, a character standee, a cieling drop sign and a CDU.

Below is an idea of what was produced. Since then i have been asked to take on more and more for Babyglow, keep an eye on the site for more updates!




And heres a short video of the concepts

play tx