A Very Quick Guide To Single Point Perspective

A Very Quick Guide To Single Point Perspective

Here is a quick guide to sketching in single point perspective for interior spaces.

  1. Draw the far end of the space in proportion/to scale E.g The rear wall.

2. With a light pencil (and a straight edge, if you have one to hand) draw a horizon line across the page. This should be positioned at approximately eye level from the back wall.

3. Now pick and mark the desired vanishing point. In the example above the vp/viewer has been positioned along the lefthand wall.

4. Now lightly project lines from the vanishing point through the corners of the back wall. Extend these lines more heavily past the corners to establish the limits of the internal space.

5.Now you can populate the space with object etc by projecting any later ‘horizontal’ line which run between foreground and back ground into or from the vp.

6. Finally, when including entourage (people) in the sketch, ensure that the eyes line through with the horizon, this helps to maintain the scale and depth of the sketch.

It’s a simple technique, but with a little practice can be very effective.

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This quick little tutorial has been adapted from Matthew Frederick book ‘101 Things I Learned in Architecture School’ and great little read that i highly recommend.

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