iRateiSlate refresh

Last week i was approached by to give their logo a little refresh. Heres the old logo:

Existing logo

Here a nice simple statement which rounds up what iRateiSlate is all about, its taken form the companies About Us page.

“iRateiSlate is a brand new digital platform designed to improve Customer Service Levels. The aim is to resolve customer complaints, Restore Consumers’ faith in the UK Marketplace and help Brands manage their online Reputation. Launched late in 2012 and gaining traction rapidly, iRateiSlate is becoming a concept that is revolutionising the Customer Service Industry.”

And heres what the client chose as their replacement:

iRateiSlate Block Colour Logo

As you can clearly see, the difference is pretty much limited to the central symbol/logo, heres how we got there.

Initially, the client asked for a timber icon and something fresh, trendy, vibrant etc. So i broke away from the original completely, mainly to see where the boundaries were. So i sent over the concept sheet below.


This direction turned out to be to far from the existing, so it was decided just to change the symbol and ‘refresh’ the existing. The next set of concepts i sent across focused on the existing design.


This proved to be more successful. At his point i narrowed down the design to a couple of options.


From here the client pin pointed exactly what they were looking for and so the final logo and favicion were generated.

iRateiSlate Block Colour Logo

As always,

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear what you guys think, so please do leave a comment below!

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